Sidewalk & Path Installation


Kelliher Curb Appeal is a reputable curb appeal company that offers a comprehensive service for sidewalk and path installation. We specialize in enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of outdoor spaces through their expert outdoor egress solutions. Here's a description of our sidewalk and path installation services:

Consultation and Design

Kelliher Curb Appeal begins the process by offering a consultation to understand the client's needs and preferences. We work closely with the client to create a custom design that complements the surrounding landscape and fulfills the desired vision.

Material Selection

We offer a range of materials for sidewalk and path installation, including concrete, pavers, stamped concrete, and more. Clients can choose the material that best suits their aesthetic and functional requirements.

Sidewalk & Path Installation

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Permit and Regulation Compliance

Kelliher Curb Appeal assists clients in navigating local regulations and permits to ensure that the installation complies with all necessary guidelines and standards.

Site Preparation

Prior to installation, the team at Kelliher Curb Appeal will prepare the site, which may involve excavation, grading, and any necessary adjustments to the terrain.


Our highly skilled and experienced crew will then carry out the installation of the sidewalk and paths with meticulous attention to detail. We ensure proper alignment, durability, and a visually pleasing outcome. Water diversion and drainage.


Kelliher Curb Appeal offers customization options, such as patterns, colors, and textures, allowing clients to create a unique and eye-catching look for your sidewalks and paths.

Edging and Curbing

Being a curb appeal specialists, we excel in adding curbing and decorative borders for sidewalks and paths. This enhances the overall appearance and adds structural stability, water diversion, drainage and visual safety.

Finishing and Sealing

Once the installation is complete, Kelliher Curb Appeal ensures a neat and clean finish. We may also apply sealant to protect the surfaces, making them more durable and resistant to weather and wear.

Clean-Up and Debris Removal

After the project is finished, the team cleans up the site, removing any debris and leaving the area in a pristine condition.

Maintenance and Repairs

Kelliher Curb Appeal takes pride in delivering high-quality sidewalk and path installation services that not only enhance the functionality of outdoor spaces but also contribute to the overall curb appeal of residential and commercial properties. Our attention to detail, commitment to quality, and dedication to customer service make us a trusted choice for your curbing projects.

Kelliher Curb Appeal's artistic and stamped concrete services are designed to create beautiful, durable, and functional outdoor spaces. Whether it's decorative pathways, patios, pool decks, or other landscaping elements, their commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction makes them a preferred choice for artistic and stamped concrete projects.