Outdoor Living Spaces


Kelliher Curb Appeal, a distinguished curb appeal company, offers comprehensive services for creating outdoor living spaces that transform ordinary outdoor areas into functional, aesthetically pleasing, and inviting environments. Our expertise in curbing and landscaping allows us to design and construct versatile outdoor living spaces that meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Here's an overview of Kelliher Curb Appeal's outdoor living spaces service:

Consultation and Design

Kelliher Curb Appeal begins by engaging with clients in a consultation to understand their vision, requirements, and goals for their outdoor living space. We work closely with the client to develop a customized design that integrates seamlessly with the property and maximizes the available space.

Material Selection

Our company offers a wide range of materials to choose from, including various types of pavers, concrete, natural stone, and other hardscape materials. Clients can select materials that match their aesthetic preferences and complement their existing landscaping.

Outdoor Living Spaces

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Functional Elements

Kelliher Curb Appeal designs and installs various functional elements within the outdoor living space, such as patios, walkways, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, seating areas, and more. These elements are strategically placed to create an enjoyable and practical space for relaxation and entertainment.

Customized Features

Our company specializes in creating customized features, including decorative and artistic concrete elements, stone, asphalt and other personalized landscaping details. This allows clients to have a unique and distinctive outdoor living space.

Hardscape Design and Installation

Kelliher Curb Appeal excels in hardscape design and installation, ensuring that the layout, pathways, and features are expertly crafted to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space.

Outdoor Lighting

To extend the usability of the outdoor living space into the evening hours, Kelliher Curb Appeal can install outdoor lighting systems that provide both safety and ambiance.

Pergolas and Shade Structures

For added comfort and style, our company can integrate pergolas, shade structures, and other architectural elements to provide relief from the sun and create a cozy atmosphere.

Fire and Water Features

Kelliher Curb Appeal can incorporate fire pits, fireplaces, water features, as well as many other custom features to add an element of tranquility and entertainment to the outdoor space.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Our company can also provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure the outdoor living space remains in pristine condition year-round.

Client Satisfaction

Throughout the project, Kelliher Curb Appeal maintains open communication with the client to ensure that their vision is realized, and their expectations are met. We are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction.

Kelliher Curb Appeal's outdoor living spaces service is designed to create functional, beautiful, and inviting outdoor environments that enhance the overall quality of life and property value. Our attention to detail, expertise in both hardscape and softscape design, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us a trusted choice for outdoor living space projects.